Do it Yourself Bricklaying

Considered as more of an art form, bricklaying is a type of masonry that makes use of bricks and mortars in order to build a wall. The history of bricklaying roots way back in Iraq, during the Bronze Age. Despite of its history and heritage, bricklaying is popular up to this day even in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

If you are planning to construct or renovate your home through bricklaying, there are a couple of things that you should remember.

Remember not to indulge yourself too much with the technicalities of bricklaying and limit your understanding only to things that are relevant to the construction or renovation of your home. If you need shades for your home, I suggest you buy them from

There are many different classifications of bricks and mortars and it may be confusing especially for people who are dealing with bricklaying for the first time.

You need to also pay close attention to the patterns and rows of bricks. Make sure everything is positioned perfectly and no brick is out of place.

You must also have the necessary tools to ensure the quality of your bricks and the excellent workmanship of your bricklaying. You can also get bricks from and they will be top quality. 

Learning how to use bricks and mortars to build your house walls or to renovate the exterior of your home is not easy though. It requires patience and commitment.


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